Rules for submission of abstracts


Posters and oral presentations will be accepted and presented durring the event. They must be tied to the event’s themes:


1) Histories of the Institutionalization of Psychological Knowledge and Practices: Historiographical meditations on birth, constitution and institutionalization of psychological knowlegde and practices.

2) History of Psychology and Institutions: History of Psychology Amon different institutions (family, religion, sexuality, culture, community, education, health, work, justice, assistence);

3) Psychology, history and deinstitutionalization: Historical meditations on psychological practices among different political and epistemological views.

4) Professionalization and Institutions: History of psychological practices generation and professionalization.

5) Historiographical meditations and psychological knowledge’s history: Historiographical meditations and psychological knowledge’s history (Where this works as a major theme that can nestle propositions that don’t hold a institutional view).


Rules for submission of abstracts


The presentations are subject to the following rules:

  • Only oral and poster presentations will be evaluated.
  • Oral presentation’s sessions will have 1:30 hours. Each sessions will have a maximum ou 5 persons presenting their works.
  • There will be no publication of full papers;
  • There is no limit of presentations by proponent;
  • The panels / posters should present an overview of research including: title, authors, affiliation, introduction, method, results, discussion and references (following the APA style). The poster must have a maximum width 90 cm and 120 cm in length. They will be exposed in the hallway of the sessions on October 18, with at least one of its authors to be present at the time of 12:30 to 13:30.

Those interested in submitting works should send the abstract to the address until the 15th of July 2012.


Abstracts must have a minimum of 600 (six hundred) and a maximum of 800 (eight hundred) words in Word file with a. Doc (do not send extension. Docx) and have the following format:

- Times New Roman font

- Size 12

- Single row spacing

- So justified

-without paragraphs or indentations

The abstracts mustn’t contain references and should also indicate:

- Title

- Author (s)

- Institutional affiliation

- Body of the abstract

The body of the abstract must contain:

- Introduction, rationale and objectives

- Theoretical and methodological pleas

- Results / discussion

- Keywords (up to five keywords, separated by commas)

- Sources of funding

- The type of work (if poster or oral communication)

- The theme on which the abstract fits

The results of the abstract’s evaluations will be sent to authors up to August 15, 2012.


Proponents of approved works must pay the registration until the 20th of August 2012. Only works with the payment made to date will be published in the Annals of the event and included in the schedule.


Values and deadlines for registration in the event are:



Until August 20th

Until October 10th

On the day of event


R$ 45,00

R$ 55,00

R$ 65,00


R$ 90,00

R$ 105,00

R$ 120,00




- For abstracts with more than one (1) author, the BIDDER AUTHOR will be responsible for conducting the registration of the group.

- In the case of entries in groups, payment of FIVE entries give entitlement to the exemption of the sixth registration. The entries must be sent to and vouchers sent to São Francisco Xavier St., Number 524, Maracanã, 10º floor, F Block, 10.120 room. PO-Box 20559-900 along with the name and registration form for the sixth participant until the August 20, 2012. Please be advised that after this date group registrations will not be accepted.